Dimitris Chatzopoulos

Greek, Hong Konger, Computer Engineer

What I Do

I overload my brain, I look under the hood, I hack myself. I ...
Currently, I am a PhD student at the department of Computer Science and Engineering at the Hong Kong University of Science and Technology. I am interested in anything challenging, innovative and ... interesting :D
My PhD is related to Mobile computing with applications to Cooperative/Ambient Computing and Mobile Augmented Reality, and to Privacy and Cryptocurrencies.


Who I Am

I am a computer engineer. I hold a Diploma on Computer Engineering and Telecommunications and a Msc on Computer Science and Telecommunications from the department of Electrical Engineering, University of Thesaly, Volos, Greece. I am currently living in Hong Kong. I have lived in Cambridge for half a year, in Laussane for a few months, in Beijing for one month, I visited Berlin for a few weeks and my property is a laptop, a backpack and some clothes that are able to maximize my mobility :P



Some panoramas from some of my trips. Put your mouse over the pic to see the description.

Click here to see my travel badly-scaled-map, here to see a shoot of the sunrise in Tokyo, here to see what i used to eat almost every night at Beijing and here to see how they create street ice cream in Kuala Lumbur. Have you seen the sea gulls? a short shoot from the ferry to Tallinn.

Say Hello.

There are too many ways to contact me. If you want to send me an email, try at: url_without_www._and_.com@gmail.com

You can find my academic website here, my business card here and my Linkedin account here.